About Us

Twisted Vintage jewellery was founded by Caroline Clark & Brigitte Jones in 2008.  

Sharing a passion for vintage and fashion, and inspired by the idea of reviving, recycling and recreating, Caroline & Brigitte discovered that by taking pre-loved pieces of jewellery apart, they could use their skill and expertise to create new pieces of vintage jewellery, with a modern twist.

The first collection of Twisted Vintage jewellery was sold to friends. Soon word got out. Demand for these decorative necklaces and bracelets grew.

Twisted Vintage was born.

Influenced by the changing seasons and inspired by maverick artists,  Caroline & Brigitte’s designs are infused with their passion for the materials they use; Bakelite from the 1920s; original gems from the 40s; Perspex from the 50s; and semi-precious stones that span the decades.

Every single piece of Twisted Vintage jewellery is lovingly designed, created and produced from scratch, by hand. Each piece of jewellery also comes in a beautiful custom-made, hand-stitched vintage pouch.  

Today, Twisted Vintage jewellery is sold directly from its website and stocked in several stores across London, the UK, Italy and Spain.